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 Heathrow Airport : February 8, 1995

"I have pleasure providing a reference for the above named company concerning their range of HydroFlow water conditioners.

Every year it was necessary for our engineers to dismantle our high temperature hot water calorifiers, and then chemically clean the calcium carbonate from the heat exchangers. We were therefore keen to find a solution to the continued maintenance costs involved in dismantling and assembling the calorifiers. We looked closely at alternative's methods of removing the calcium from the system such as base exchange softeners. Due to the high capital cost of purchasing the softeners and the ongoing commitment from the continued purchase of salt we were reluctant to take a decision. We had also considered magnetic types of devices, but were not convinced of the consistency to be obtained from these types of devices.

In March 1994 the technical staff at the Energy Shop approached our organisation. The company explained the concepts of their new HydroFlow technology, and we agreed to conduct a trail with the company on two vertical calorifiers. The calorifiers were commonly fed by 4" tank supply pipe. The company fitted a HydroFlow C120/E to the 4" common feed and we agreed to open the calorifiers units after a 3 months trail to examine the results.

After 3 months we dismantled the calorifiers and found that they were free from scale, we were of course delighted with the results, everything the Energy Shop had said had actually happened. Because of the excellent results from the trial we purchased a further £40,000 of conditioners to treat other areas within the airport complex.

I would have no hesitation in recommending The Energy Shops conditioners to other users. I have already recommended the company to other airports within our group based on the results and experience with the company's product at Heathrow Airport."

Yours Faithfully
Mr L. Quirk
Airport Maintenance Manager

 Hyatt Regency Jerusalem : February 23, 1997

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