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products :: HydroFlow ™

Scale Prevention Products

The most advanced development in the fight against encrusting limescale
  • New technology with improved design & performance
  • Fully potted for total reliability and water resistance
  • Remote monitoring facility available
  • Effective on all types of pipe work
  • Maintenance free - just fit and forget
  • Easy to install - no plumbing, chemical, wrap round, wires or flashing disco lights - just consistant and reliable protection against encrusting limescale.
 HydroFlow works... ... consistently

Hydroflow water conditioners are unique, no other product works the same way. Based on advanced technology integrating ferrite with solid state electronics. HydroFlow transmits a powerful signal longitudinally throughout the entire plumbing system continually treating the water 24 hours a day. The signal works both up and down stream even in no-flow conditions ensuring consistent and reliable protection.

Again and again Hydropath (UK) Ltd offers environmental benefits, cost saving solutions, by use of patented technology in the heating and ventilation industry, the swimming pool and club industry, the agricultural industry plus all other fields of water treatment.

Hydropath has well over a decade’s experience, with domestic and commercial applications effectively combating limescale throughout the world.

The products’ patented technology works by emitting randomly varying electric fields throughout the system to ensure suspended calcium ions do not adhere to pipe work or internal surfaces. Hydropath products offer cost savings and superior environmental benefits, realistic alternatives compared to chemical water treatment.

Hydropath’s range of water conditioners are easy to install and require no cutting of pipework.

Water Conditioner for Prevention of Scale Formation.
  • Improved Water Quality

  • Prevention of Scale Formation

  • Removal of existing scale build up

  • Kills bacteria

  • Reduced maintenance

  • Contains no moving parts

  • Non evasive, fits around pipework

  • Easy to retrofit

FIT ‘N’ FORGET Systems

No chemicals

No maintenance

No plumbing

No corrosion

No worries

No Limescale

Water Conditioner to Improve Water Quality.




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