Offer Unique Reserve Osmosis Water Purification Systems, UV Base Water Purification Systems and Ultra Filtration Water Purification Systems for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Water Purification in India.


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products :: HydroFlow ™


:: HydroFlow™ HS38 ::
Domestic Range Scale Prevention Product.
Designed and developed for domestic plumbing systems, to protect against limescale build up. Limescale reduces the efficiency and longevity of your boiler, and increases energy cost hence incurring a cost to the environment too.

Limescale is formed when there is a pressure of temperature change, which ten allows it to adhere to surfaces i.e. your boiler’s heat exchanger. Hydropath technology works by emitting random varying electric fields induced into the water, causing limescale to form in suspension, which is then washed away with the flow.
:: HydroFlow™ HS40 ::
Water Softener with Chemical Free Alternative.
The HydroFlow HS40 was designed specifically for domestic market.

There was demand to directly replace water softeners in customer’s homes with a chemical free alternative.

The HS40 fits all plumbing systems.
:: SpaKlear ::
Water Purification Product for Commercial Applications.
Designed and developed to meet demands of commercial spas.

In addition to the significant increase in water quality, and environmental benefits, it also reduces the build up of Bio-film within the pipe work.
:: AquaKlear J62 ::
Designed and developed specifically for the domestic swimming pool.

The pool handler and bathers will receive all the benefits of Hydropath patented technology as with the commercial AquaKlear.

AquaKlear works by transmitting a signal into water and caused them to rest near to the top of the water filter, rather than penetrating deep within it. Aquaklear is easy to install as a retrofit.
:: Steam Klear ::
Water Purifier for Commercial Steam Rooms.
Designed for commercial steam rooms to prevent the detrimental scaling up of the steam generator and pipe work, and like all Hydropath’s products, it can easily be retrofitted.
:: Agriflow J60 ::
Domestic Water Purifier.
This domestic model was designed specifically for applications in Agriculture. It is currently in use for limescale problems with cooling mats, loi carp ponds and ornamental water fountains and ponds. New applications continue to be found in this as in all our products.





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