Offer Unique Reserve Osmosis Water Purification Systems, UV Base Water Purification Systems and Ultra Filtration Water Purification Systems for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Water Purification in India.


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products :: HydroFlow ™


:: HydroFlow™ C Range ::
Commercial Range Scale Prevention Product.
Designed for the commercial and industrial market who experience the many and major detrimental effects of limescale. The unit is fully encapsulated, and the transducer unit can also be installed outside if the application requires. There are five standard commercial ‘C’ Range units covering 45mm ~ 200mm OD.
:: AquaKlear P Range ::
Water Scale Prevention for Commercial Swimming Pool.
Designed for the commercial swimming pool Aquaklear provides positive benefits for both the pool operator and for the bather. Benefits include reduced water and effluent charges, lower chemical usage, reduced energy costs, improved water quality, reduction in chloramines and THM, reduction in bacteriological readings, and the build up of algae and scum lines. The pool handler will note significant reduction in the duration of backwashing, and where required, reduced backwashing frequency. The quantity of water during the backwashing process is cut by half.
:: The S Range ::
Scale Prevention Product to Deal with Limiscale in Drinking Water.
Designed specifically to deal with limescale build up in High Pressure steam boilers. The S series enables the use of untreated water for the steam boiler (straight from the bore hole or straight from the mains!)It eliminates scaling and clears existing scale. Its important to know that in order for the S series to clear existing scale, the water supply needs to be hard water.
:: Explosion Proof Range::
Commercial Scale Prevention Unit.
Designed specifically to place any commercial Hydroflow unit in a hazardous area. The Explosion proof model is certified Zone 2 Atex compliance (where combustible gases are occasionally present) The unit is fully encapsulated along with the power supply to enable easier installation and eliminate any possibility of explosion.
:: Agriflow A Range ::
Water Purification Products to Prevent Infections.
Designed specifically for drinking water in the broiler growing market. The Agriflow prevents limescale build up in drinking teats, kills drinking water bacteria, and also prevents a very common leg infection that occurs when rearing chicken and turkey. The A100 has a built in power supply for easy installation, as reduced accessibility is often a common problem in this kind of application.
:: Custom Range ::
Custom Scale Prevention Product for Industrial Units.
The largest pipe size Commercial Units can be purchased to fit is an outside diameter of 200mm. However for a larger pipe size, Hydropath can design a unit specifically to your requirements. To date, the largest Custom unit Hydropath have made fits to a pipe with an outside diameter of 1.5 meters.




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